Did I Get It Right? — The “A” Shows

Toward the end of summer, I watched preview clips, entire pre-released episodes and read all I could about the new fall shows and gave my pre-season reviews.

Did I get them right?

Today I am starting to repost all my reviews (of the Fall shows…I will wait until Midseason to check back with those shows!) to see if I was on point or not.  What do you think? Comment here or on Facebook.    



A to Z (NBC) – Secret romantic finds a girl…..blah blah blah.  

My thoughts….How I Met Your Mother part deux…voiced over by Katy Sagal – Peg Bundy. Will either be a hit because this will fill the void HIMYM left…or it will be a giant flop because of the whole “been there-done that” thing.

UPDATE — I watched the premier today…and I loved it!  Yes, it felt a little like HIMYM, but it did have it’s own vibe as well.  The supporting characters are great, too.  I will watch!


After watching a couple episodes, I feel that I was pretty much correct.  It’s a “cute” show with a great cast.  I believe this Rom-Com will make it because viewers will continue tuning in to find out what happens in 8 months, 3 weeks, 5 days and 1 hour.

How did I do?

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