New CBS Shows Get Full Season Orders

DVonTV ScorpionOctober is coming to a screeching halt, and almost all of the New Fall TV Shows have started. (except for the mid-season replacement shows, and Katherine Heigl’s State of Affairs) We are about a month in to the new season, a couple shows have been cancelled (Manhattan Love Story, Mission Control), and several TV Shows have granted full season orders! As reported earlier, CW’s The Flash and Jane the Virgin were both granted more episodes for this season, and now CBS’s Scorpion, NCIS: New Orleans, Madam Secretary and Stalker have added 9 more episodes to their freshman season.

By the way, Scorpion has become a surprise hit! According to the ratings, Scorpion is the highest rated CBS drama and the second highest rated new series this fall. (Behind How to Get Away With Murder) Scorpion is also Monday’s most watched Drama.

DVonTV Madam Secretary

Madam Secretary, despite its crazy, never-starting at-the-same-time-because-of-football schedule, is the most-watched (scripted) series on Sundays and Stalker wins its time slot on Wednesdays.

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