Will NBC Move ‘Constantine’ to SyFy


Put this bit of info in the “I’ve said it all along” file. (Unfortunately for my husband, this file is huge, and not always correct or even helpful) I love ‘Constantine’, but the ratings have never reflected how amazing this show is. The storyline is great and the production value rivals most high dollar motion pictures, but the numbers are just not there to save the show on NBC.

Since week 2 I said, on air, that I felt that ‘Constantine’ would be better received on a network like SyFy, and now I hear that NBC is considering moving season 2 to Syfy to allow it a little bit more “creative freedom.” Syfy did show a ‘Constantine’ marathon and it did really well!

Now this isn’t for sure, but NBC is seriously considering it, and ‘Constantine’ fans are crossing their fingers and toes!!

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