Big Brother – Friday, June 26

Occasionally I have time to keep you updated with everything is happening on the Live Feeds, other days I can give you a quickie update….today is one of those days!

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Friday, June 26

HOH – James is the lone HOH now after battle of the block

Nominees Jackie and Steve (Becky and Johnny Mac were the other pair, but got themselves off the block!)

Have Nots – Da’vonne, Liz, Vanessa and Austin

POV – I am currently waiting for the POV comp to be over As of right now, it’s been going on for over 2 hours! We have been on a Jeff Loop this whole time!

update 3:10 BBT

Feeds are back and it looks like the sh*t has hit the fan!  Paranoia is everywhere! We still haven’t gotten confirmation on who won POV.

update: 3:18 BBT

STEVE WON POV!!! (“He didn’t win, he BEASTED” – James)

It was one of the comps where they had to find letters and spell the longest word!  Congrats Steve on the first POV win of BB17

I will update this post, so come back often and refresh!

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