Big Brother…Wednesday July 1st

With the first week of Big Brother 17 coming to an end, I thought I would update you with all the alliances so far.  I have been very dutiful watching the live feeds and the houseguests are already making my head spin!  I have to say, I am enjoying the feeds a LOT more this year than last! I highly suggest getting them this year!

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I started writing up an alliance chart, but I found a good breakdown written up by KennyN, so i tweaked it a little and added pictures!  (Thanks KennyN!)

The biggest alliance in the house is James/Audrey/Clay/DaVonne/Jason/Meg/Shelli/Jeff. Within that alliance, two separate factions have formed. On one side is Audrey/Clay/Shelli, who have private conversations outside of the group that the others don’t know about. (Side note: Audrey has thrown hints that she wants to cut Shelli so she can have Clay all to herself. Likewise, Clay and Shelli have expressed distrust in Audrey, but as of right now they’re still working with her.)

bigbrother17_136x170_jameshulingbigbrother17_136x170_audrymiddleton bigbrother17_136x170_clayhoneycutt bigbrother17_136x170_davonnerogers  bigbrother17_136x170_jasonroybigbrother17_136x170_megmaley bigbrother17_136x170_shellipoolebigbrother17_136x170_jeffweldon

On the other side is James/Jason/Meg/DaVonne who have bonded over their mutual distrust of Audrey.

bigbrother17_136x170_jameshuling bigbrother17_136x170_jasonroybigbrother17_136x170_megmaley bigbrother17_136x170_davonnerogers

This week, a side alliance was formed between Audrey/Clay/Shelli/Vanessa/Austin called “The Sleeper Cell.” It probably isn’t a real alliance as Austin can’t stand Audrey and Vanessa doesn’t trust her, but the alliance was formed nonetheless. My guess is they’re all playing each other and this is their way of trying to cover their asses in case of a power shift.

bigbrother17_136x170_audrymiddleton bigbrother17_136x170_clayhoneycuttbigbrother17_136x170_shellipoole  bigbrother17_136x170_vanessaroussobigbrother17_136x170_austinmatelson

The Austin/Liz/Jace alliance is falling apart with Jace about to be evicted. Both Austin and Liz know they’re on a sinking ship and they’re trying to jump to other alliances. Austin has thrown out feelers to Steve and expressed interest in working with him, but as of right now nothing concrete has developed. Austin’s most promising prospect is Vanessa, who’s been on her own up to this point and is looking for allies. Both Austin and Vanessa are part of the “Sleeper Cell” alliance (read the paragraph above) but I don’t think that alliance is real and it’s probably going to fall apart.

bigbrother17_136x170_austinmatelson bigbrother17_136x170_liznolan bigbrother17_136x170_jaceagolli

Jeff and Jackie are working together but they’re downplaying it to the rest of the house.

bigbrother17_136x170_jeffweldon bigbrother17_136x170_jackieibarra

Jeff and Liz seem to have formed a secret alliance. He proposed a “you rub my back, I’ll rub yours” type situation in which he’ll keep Liz safe if she’ll do him favors in the game. Basically he wants Liz to be his puppet. Not the optimal scenario for Liz, but she agreed to it because she’s in desperate need of an ally. Jeff’s first order? Liz must distance herself from Jace and Austin to avoid being guilty by association.

bigbrother17_136x170_jeffweldon bigbrother17_136x170_liznolan

Becky and John are completely under the radar and don’t appear to be working with anyone.

bigbrother17_136x170_beckyburgess bigbrother17_136x170_johnmcguire

Poor Steve.  He didn’t even show up on anyone’s list.


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Today is the day before the 1st LIVE EVICTION, I will try to update this post and let you know who’s being a RAT or a FLIP FLOPPER!

Come back often and refresh!

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