Sharknado 3: OH HELL NO! Drinking Game!


If you missed Sharknado 3: OH HELL NO! this week, don’t be sad…it’s on again this weekend!

Here is the drinking game I talked about with Steve and Tony this morning on Touhyville/Chicago’s Comedy Scene Radio.  (Credit: I found this drinking game on E! Online)

Warning: This drinking game is not one to be taken entirely literally…

E! Online’s Official Sharknado 3 Drinking Game:

—Take a drink every time you can’t remember what happened in Sharknado 2: The Second One, but feel like you kind of need to.

—Take a drink whenever you remember something relevant from one of the other two Sharknados and thus you feel superior to all the other losers in the room.

—Take a drink every time you’re confused but you’ve just accepted your fate.

—Take a drink every time someone else is confused, but you know there’s nothing more straightforward than a man, a chainsaw, and multiple tornados full of sharks.

—Take a drink for every random celebrity cameo. Take two drinks if you find yourself yelling their name out loud for no reason.

—Take a sip whenever you see a horribly CGI-ed shark die in some horrifically hilarious way.

—Take a drink whenever your childhood feels ruined.

—Drink whenever anyone says “Oh hell no!”

—Take a big chug whenever Matt Lauer manages to say the word “sharknado” with a straight face.

—Take a drink when Tara Reid surprises you with her chainsaw hand, even though you’re not sure how you could have forgotten about that.

—Take a drink whenever you feel like you’re watching a strange commercial for Universal Studios.

—Raise a glass and drink in their honor every time someone dies a horrible, hilarious, yet valiant death.

—Take a drink whenever someone is in their underwear for no discernible reason.

—Take a drink whenever Ian Ziering gets a badass slow-motion sequence.

—Take two big drinks whenever you feel the need to yell out, “Called it!”

—Take a drink whenever you really wish you had a mascara shot gun.

—Take a drink when you start wondering about rules for pregnant astronauts.

—Take a drink whenever somebody just can’t stop being the hero.

—Finish your drink when the movie ends and you are literally shouting, “WTF?!”

And there you have it. If you’re still alive by the end, head to the comments to let us know how you’re doing and to weigh in with your thoughts on the end of the movie.

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