Sound Off! What is your favorite NEW TV show?

Happy Almost Friday!

DVonTV - Fall TV

We are curious to know what your favorite new show is! Comment on the Facebook page or below!  We will be talking about it on The Touhyville Show tomorrow morning at 7:30c

DVonTV - Hand of God

Hand of God (Amazon)

DVonTV - Bastard Executioner

Bastard Executioner (FX)

DVonTV - Best Time Ever

Best Time Ever With Neil Patrick Harris (NBC)

DVonTV - Life in Pieces

Life in Pieces (CBS)

DVonTV - Minority Report

Minority Report (FOX)

DVonTV - Blindspot

Bindspot (NBC)

DVonTV - Scream Queens

Scream Queens (FOX)

DVonTV - Muppets

The Muppets (ABC)

DVonTV - Limitless

Limitless (CBS)

DVonTV - Rosewood

Rosewood (FOX)

DVonTV - Heroes Reborn

Heroes Reborn (NBC)

DVonTV - The Player

The Player (NBC)

DVonTV - Blood and Oil

Blood & Oil (ABC)

Quantico (ABC)

DVonTV - Grandfathered

Grandfathered (FOX)

DVonTV - The Grinder

The Grinder (FOX)

DVonTV - Code Black

Code Black (CBS)

DVonTV - Casual

Casual (Hulu)

DVonTV - Dr Ken

Dr Ken (ABC)

DVonTV - Red Oaks

Red Oaks (Amazon)

DVonTV - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (The CW)

Fargo (FX)

Still to come

Truth Be Told (NBC)

DVonTV - Truth Be Told

Supergirl (CBS)

DVonTV - Supergirl

Wicked City (ABC)

DVonTV - Wicked City

Ash vs Evil Dead (Starz)

DVonTV - Ash vs Evil Dead

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