Touhyville Show — What you missed 11/26/2014


Happy Thanksgiving, TV Junkies!!! Due to the holiday, the DV on TV Segment on the Touhyville Show was today instead of Friday. Today’s show was fun, and jam-packed with TV news!! If you missed it, here is what I talked about:

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CBS Will Stay On Dish Through The Weekend As Negotiations Continue

I know you were worried about the Thanksgiving Day Bears-Lions game being interrupted by the CBS/Dish Network bru-ha-ha…  You’ll be happy to know that CBS is staying on the satellite service for the holiday weekend, until Tuesday afternoon. It is just a deal to extend programming while negotiations continue, so there will be Thanksgiving programming and Sunday Football! (and Madam Secretary!)

The extension keeps CBS on Dish until Tuesday afternoon.

DVonTV Reese Nicole 1

Oscar winners, Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman to Star in a limited series called Big Little Lies David E. Kelley is going to be the writer!

Based on the New York Times best-selling novel Big Little Lies. It’s a story of three mothers of kindergartners whose apparently perfect lives unravel to the point of murder.

I’m curious to see who the 3rd mother is.

I totes heart #Selfie #ElizaMyBae

I totes heart #Selfie #ElizaMyBae

As you know, one of my favorite new shows has been cancelled – Selfie, but there is some good news, we will be able to see the remaining episodes soon thanks to Hulu. Selfie had several low-rated—yet stable!—weeks on the air.

A new episode went on Hulu yesterday and they will add new episodes once a week every Tuesday.

This is just the remainder of season. Everything I have read about this says that no new episodes have been ordered…yet. “yet” Maybe this show would do better online. Its about a girl who’s obsessed with the internet. Who knows? Stranger things have happened. Yahoo revived Community after it was canceled!  I reported last week that Tina Fey’s Unforgettable Kimmy Schmidt, is moving from NBC to Netflix before it even premiered!

Anything can happen!  (Fingers Crossed!)


‘Cristela’ Gets Full-Season Order By ABC

Cristela seems to be the secret hit that nobody is watching (At least nobody that I know!) The show, filmed on a shoestring budget, now has a full season of 22 episodes!

DVonTV - Joel_McHale

Joel McHale To Produce E! Pilot About Snarky Web Comments

Have you ever read snarky comments on the internet? Have you been known to snark a time or two while perusing the world wide web? If so, you might like the new show coming to E! Joel McHale is producing a show called Comments Section, and it will star comedian Michael Kosta. It will focus on “deconstructing the often snarky comments on popular websites”….and I have to say, Mr. DV on TV, Steve Touhy and I could have totally done this show!

NBC Not Picking Up Back Nine Episodes of ‘Constantine

Do you watch Constantine? If you don’t, then you’re the reason why it’s on a serious bubble right now. NBC has decided not to pick up any additional episodes. And that usually means that a show won’t be renewed for a new season…It could live for another season, but it’s not looking good!

If you like comic book based TV Shows, or if you like Sci-fi/dark artsy shows, I encourage you to give it a try. It’s a very good show and the effects are amazing!

 I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving, and good luck out there if you do the Black Friday thing!


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